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Tragically, and unlike in the 1930s, nationalisms are on the rise in Britain as elsewhere in Europe, with Ukip and, north of the border, the Scottish National Party. In Dominion I have gone to town on the SNP’s opposition to actively fighting fascism, which was also true in the real world. I make no apology for using the book to stress how I see the SNP, for all the moderate face it currently presents, as deeply dangerous, with no politics in the conventional sense, believing only in the old dream that the unleashing of “national spirit” and “national pride” can solve a country’s problems.

The Guardian are at it again with their anti-Scottish independence rhetoric. This time, in a post in the book review section of the paper entitled ‘My Nightmare of a Nazi Britain’, written by the author on his speculative fiction of world war two. NICE.


Compare the SNP, a centre-left (by Scottish standards - ie, much further to the left than, say, Scottish Labour are these days, and definitely further to the left than the Democrats in the US), with the fringe political group, the EU-hating UKIP, and with fucking Oswald Mosley, Anti-semitic fascist in 1930s London. 


Why, exactly? Why is it okay, in a generally decent newspaper, to post this bile? The SNP had their roots in an anti-imperialist student party (see their escapades in stealing the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey) and have been committed to a nationalism of civic and cultural identity. Of the three people of colour who have been members of the Scottish parliament, two of them have been members of the SNP. (Scotland, with a 97% white population, still needs to work on inclusiveness, but at least the SNP have made a start). Consider cross party support from different Independence supporting groups, for Gay marriage in Scotland, ahead of the rest of the UK.


Scotland is by no means a country free of prejudice, but we have a leadership, that, while not entirely in line with my lefty environmentally friendly political stance, has endeavoured to push legislation that enacts equality, to support inclusiveness, and to make society fairer for those in need.


Guardian, I see you. I see you and I’m fucking disappointed. Let us make our decision free from this stupid propaganda. 

If anyone says, the Indyref is rooted in racist nationalism, in conspiracy theories against the media, I can just point them to this kind of nonsense again and again.  

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