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I talk way too much about places when I know about them

in Glasgow I am rather silent - I have never learned the history here. Or I have not yet. Usually there’s more happening which is the now, if you’re in Glasgow.



UHMMM i’ve been living in edinburgh for 2 months, didn’t know what there was but touristy things & excessive drinking, where are all these things?!!!? (sincerely, random tumblr follower)

hello this thing is all in the one place! Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, up near the museum of Scotland. Go on a ghost tour of the graveyard (they meet on the Royal Mile). You can also take a tour into the underground city vaults (THE DEMIMONDE, to quote Penny Dreadful) a lot of fun. A lot of history too! Other recommended places: the museum (ask to see the 13 tiny coffins - do it. doll coffins found on Arthur’s Seat). 

More actually lesser know to secret Edinburgh stuff -

  1. the Wild West mockup st that’s in Morningside round the back of some buildings (no, I don’t know why really either). Nothing much there but it’s very odd.
  2. Butterfly farm and insect world (you can take the bus) - the butterflies fly around you and there are quails running at your feet. It’s a tiny wee place in the grounds of Dobbie’s gardening centre). One of my favourite places
  3. There’s Gilmerton Cove on the way there, never been myself but it’s a mysterious cave carved under a street by some random person at the very least a few centures ago. Suspected uses: ritual temple, actual use at one point : bar.
  4. Crammond island - tidal island in Crammond. Nice for a walk (or in my case a run, when I got the tides wrong, heh) there is a wee castle nearby there too, though I’ve never been there either.


Out vinyl shopping today. Came across this in Oxfam music.


Mackenzie Poltergeist



I’ve experience this myself when I went to the Fringe festival.

George MacKenzie was in charge of the Prison in the 17th Century and - working for King Charles II - persecuted the Scots Presbyterians known as Covenanters.

MacKenzie was also local…

If you come to Edinburgh tumblr friends I will take you to this graveyard and show you the first concentration camp in the world and I’ll also (if you like Harry Potter) show you Thomas Riddell esq’s grave, then all the random memento mori skulls and weird head angels that are about. If you like really bad poetry I can show you William McGonegal’s grave also the wall Edinburgh built to keep the English out and then ran out of money building and left holes in it which was how like 30 soldiers took the city at one point, then Greyfriar’s Bobby’s lil dog grave with all the chew toys on it (even though it’s a fake grave) then we’ll have whisky somewhere.

What I am saying is that this is the coolest graveyard come on let’s go.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (9.25.14): Protesters in Ferguson are back out tonight, demanding Police Chief Jackson’s resignation and the immediate arrest of Mike Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson. #staywoke #farfromover

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